Dendrobaena worms are the most popular fishing bait in the world, tough, lively and particularly tasty to fish.

"Dendros" are a hardy worm, lively, wriggle well and can survive in cold water for long periods, and so ideal for fishing.

They have a yellow striped tail which is a great attraction to that large Salmon you have been chasing for so long!

Dendos are also perfect for course fishing as you can vary the size of worm you require.


Irish Worms


Dendo is also the top Composting Worm as they can devour up to half their body weight per day and are prolific breeders and so ideal fore home wormeries.

Composting fruit & veg scraps from the kitchen is a great way of reducing valuble landfill space and the compost producded by the worms is great for your garden.


Irish Worms
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Dendras are perfect for use as feed for birds and wildlife.

By introducing live worms you will attract birds like Blackbirds, Robins, Thrushes who can't use feeders and help to increase their breading success.

Headgehogs also have a great fondness for worms and by encouraging them you will also help to eradicate any problems with slugs.